Walnut Shell Boats, A Weekend Project

Here’s what we made last weekend!

Walnut Shell Boat with fabric sail Walnut Shell Boat with fabric sail Walnut Shell Boat with fabric sail Little bug with his pirate ship Walnut Shell Pirate Ship

Aren’t they the cutest?  These little boats are really easy to make so I won’t do a step by step DIY.  Just melt some candle wax into a half a walnut shell and then stick a toothpick in the wax.  You can attach your sail before or after you put the toothpick in.  With the fabric sails I glued them onto the toothpick and then stuck it in the wax.  For the paper sails I “laminated” them with clear contact paper so they would last for more than one voyage.  You can find all kinds of fun ideas for sails online, just google “walnut shell boat.”  Also, I found walnuts in the shell in the bulk dry goods section of Mariano’s Grocery store.

I floated these in the bathroom sink with no issues but when I put them in the tub with Little Bug, they all tipped and sank.  : (   Not sure why.  Too much current?

Walnut Shell Boat with paper pirate sail Walnut Shell Boats with laminted paper sails Walnut Shell Boat with laminted paper map sail Floating Walnut Shell Boats

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