About Starving Artist Designs

How I got here

I am passionate about being creative. I love to design and craft unique things.

I got my start in art making while studying at the University of New Mexico. My course work focused on Photography, Small Metal Construction, and Film. I graduated with degrees in Art Studio and Film Theory.

After a string of non-creative 9 to 5 type jobs, I decided to set up a jewelry bench in my garage and try my hand at making jewelry to sell.

What I do

My jewelry work tends to be very streamlined and minimal, I call my style “modern organic.” I practice Small Metal Construction, also called Fabrication. I start with raw materials in the form of sheet, wire, and tube and build my pieces using saws, hammers, files, torch, and other assorted tools. Metalsmithing is a slow meditative process. I pay great attention to details and craft. Many hours are spent, designing, and constructing each piece.

The majority of my pieces are One of a Kind. I love to work with natural cabs. Willow Creek Jasper, Owyhee Picture Jasper, and Montana Agate are some of my favorites. I’m currently working on several different jewelry collections.

  • sticks and stones

    Sticks and stones

  • Botanical Silhouette

    Botanical Silhouette

  • buffing in the workshop


My Jewelry Collections

Naturals Collection:

This collection is all about pairing natural cabochons with silver. Each piece is designed around the stone. I’m mainly working with stones that look and feel really natural and earthy.  Stones with soft subtle colors, stones with orbs, moss or dendrites, and scenic stones. The majority of the stones I use in these pieces are purchased from independent lapidary artists.

Modern Southwest:

This collection is an offshoot of my Naturals Collection. I grew up in the Southwest and I have an appreciation for traditional Southwestern and Native American jewelry. These pieces are my Modern ode to the Southwest.

Modern Inlay:

This collection is all about clean lines, simple forms, and the contrast of silver and copper.

Petite Collection:

Sweet, simple, everyday, small scale silver pieces.

Stick Series:

A modern take on branches, and twigs.

Botanical Silhouettes:

Cut and pierced silver pieces. Modern in shape, Organic in theme.

Thanks so much for stopping by my site!