Modern + Organic

modern, handcrafted, silver jewelry

Welcome to StarvingArtistDesigns. I am a metalsmith. I make silver jewelry. My work is simple and modern, yet earthy and organic. I am heavily influenced by flora, (leaves, twigs, seed pods,) and love to work with natural stones. All jewelry on this site is handmade by me, the starving artist. There is no assembly line, no mass production, just unique unconventional jewelry, crafted in my studio, one piece at a time.

I hope you enjoy browsing my site and maybe you’ll find something fabulous that you can’t live without.

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  • mollusk ring
  • tiny leaf necklace
  • silver ring with copper dots
  • landslide necklace
  • lichen ring
  • seed pods silhouette
  • pierced ring
  • of land and sea necklace