Tree Rings


This stone measures 32 X 36 X 38 mm. Imperial Jasper comes from Mexico.

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Naturals Collection

— which pairs soft, subtle colored, natural cabochons with silver.

This ring features a lovely, large, soft rosy-pink triangle of Imperial Jasper. It’s pattern of orbs look very much like the rings you would find in a cross section of a tree. There is even a dark spot on one side of the stone that resembles a wood knot.

This piece is fabricated from sterling and fine silver. The band measures 10mm in width. I’ve detailed it with a single curve of silver wire. Two sides of the bezel cup have a slight ledge, one side is flush. The front of the bezel cup and the band have been polished to a soft shine. The underside of the bezel cup has a brushed finish. This is a large ring, bold, yet simple. It comfortably fits a size 8.5-8.75 finger. It cannot be resized.