Earth and Sea Necklace

Kingman Turquoise and a Fern Imprint set in silver.


Earth and Sea, a Turquoise and Fossil necklace

This piece features two sweet stones. A petite piece of blue and green Kingman Turquoise and a lovely free-form oval fossil of a fern imprint. Paired together they create a beautiful little necklace. The fern fossil is backed with copper and marked with my initials. The bezel cup has a brushed finish.

The turquoise bezel cup has a shiny finish and the back features a random texture of dots. These stones hang from 17 inches of oval sterling chain. The clasp is a handmade toggle, half copper and half silver. All the copper on this piece has been darkened and sealed with wax.

Kingman Turquoise comes from Arizona, this piece measures 8mm x 15mm.

The Fern Imprint comes from Missouri and measures 22mm x 17mm.

This necklace is one of a kind.