Due, Dos, Deux


Here’s a few pics from Little Bug’s Second 2nd Birthday celebration last month!

Birthday Cake

I wanted his cake to be simple but cute.  We frosted it with cream cheese frosting and then added a sweet circus-y bunting that I made from decorative paper, baker’s twine, and bamboo skewers.

Little Bug and Grandpa

Bug and Grandpa.  This boy is obsessed with cameras, phones, and computers.

Dessert Table

Carrot cake and Blueberry Sherbet, mmmm!


This is my first handmade pinata!  It took 4 times as long to make as I imagined!  I followed this DIY pinata tutorial.  Eventhough I started it 5 or 6 days before the party, I still barely got it finished.  If you want to try to make one of these I might suggest you make yours smaller than mine and give it plenty of time to dry.  Also, don’t put your tissue paper on from the top down.  It is so much more difficult that way.  Start at the bottom and work your way up!


After a couple of turns Little Bug and his BFF got tired of hitting it, so we dropped it down, gave it a wack and let them rip it open.

Opening Pinata Toys and Treats

I decided to fill it with some fun snacks and toys instead of the usual candy.  There were stickers, matchbox cars, light up balls, maracas, silly putty, cookies, fruit leather, and more.

Blowing Candles

Happy birthday to my little monkey!


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