DIY Yarn Bauble

red yarn ball

I made a few of these last week for our Christmas tree.  Our tree needed a few larger ornaments that were baby friendly (not breakable.)  This is a very simple, fast, and mess free project.  Perfect quiet thing to do while baby is down for his morning nap ;)

supplies for yarn ball

Materials you will need:

  • Foam balls, (i think i got mine at JoAnns)
  • Yarn
  • Small Pins with a flat head
  • Large pearly topped Pins
  • Twine (I used red and white baker’s twine)
  • Ribbon (I used satin ribbon)

To start, attach the end of your yard to the middle of your ball with one of the small flat head pins.

Yarn ball step 1

Then you tightly wrap the ball like so,

yarn ball step 2

Now, with my first ball, I wrapped in one direction, then cut the yarn and pinned a second strand and wrapped the other end.  I made sure to tuck and cover the little end piece of yarn from the first wrap.  On my second ball I did not bother with cutting the yarn and pinning it again.  As long as you wrap tightly and are careful to always go across the ball you won’t need to cut and pin for each direction.

Continue wrapping until you have covered all the white.

yarn ball step 3

Secure the end of your yarn with the decorative pin while you tie the twine and ribbon.  I cut my piece of ribbon at around 10-12 inches and tied it in a simple bow.  For the twine I cut according to how long I wanted the ball to hang from the tree.   Longer twine for lower branches and shorter for higher ones.

yarn ball step 4

Then take the pin off the ball and carefully stick it through both knots like so.

Yarn ball step 5

Stick the pin down through the top of the ball.  Make sure you go through the loose end of yarn.  You can trim the excess yarn or work it under the wrapped yarn to hide it.

yarn ball step 6


Balls can be made in any color or size.  You can hang them on your tree or place them along a mantle.  If you make small ones they can be interspersed in greenery for pops of color.  They can also be made in blue, white, and gold for Chanukkah decorations!

completed yarn ball ornaments

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  1. Amy Parker
    Amy Parker December 20, 2012 at 12:25 pm | | Reply

    Love it, Heather. I’m excited to see what else you’ve got up your sleeve.


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