Autumn Candle Holders


Diy autumn candle holders

Little Bug and I made these Autumn-y candle holders last week.  They are super easy to make and real purty.  I thought I’d share our project.  If you’re crafty you may have all the supplies on hand.

You will need the following:


A jar.

Some glue. (I used the glue above from The Paper Source, because that’s what I had.  Elmers will work fine too.)  I thinned my glue with a little water to make it easier to paint on my jar.

Tissue paper cut into pieces.  Whatever color, size, and shape you like.  Circles might be neat.  But, who has the time to cut circles out of tissue paper?  Not me!

You will also need a small brush to apply the glue and a candle.


Now play close attention to this part because it’s pretty tricky.  Brush your thinned glue onto the jar and apply the tissue paper to the glue, let it dry.

Tissue paper covered candle holder


candle holder project


We also made a kid safe version of this for Little Bug to give to a friend.  I substituted a plastic cup for the glass jar and a flame-less candle for a real one.

Toddler friendly night light candle holder


Toddler friendly night light candle holder

Wouldn’t this make a cute little night light?




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