Mini Frond


Made from Sterling Silver, Copper, and red silk, this pendant measures 11mm x 20mm.


Modern Botanic

I’ve pierced the silver and used a jeweler’s saw to cut a free-form flora frond. The cut and pierced piece is layered onto a black patinated copper rectangle and connected with a jump ring. It hangs from red silk cord and connects with a handmade sterling toggle clasp, (see “view 5”.) I’ve left the ends of this cord unfinished so that It can be made to your desired length. Please let me know what length you want during Checkout and I will cut the cord, cap the ends and add the clasp prior to shipping. (Pic “view 6” shows the cord at about 15 inches and on a small neck.)

The silver has a brushed satin finish. The copper has been sealed with wax.